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Value Streams

This week’s Issue | 30/05/2016 As you realize that everything is a process and that all processes can most likely be improved … you then need to decide if you are focusing your improvements on the correct value stream.  Read about Value Streams in this week’s newsletter …


Cell Flow — Right or Left?

This week’s Issue | 23/05/2016 We spent a few days in Montreal this week delivering training on how to complete an FMEA.  Doing an FMEA can be daunting and exhausting but if you follow the process when it comes time to prepare the final FMEA you will only focus on the critical few attributes.  The training was fun and experiential and we covered a lot in just 2 days but we think our attendees gained a good grasp of the


Design your LEAN journey and assessment

This week’s Issue | 16/05/2016 Mariela and I really enjoy teaching our Lean Course in Cincinnati at Xavier University … but what is really enjoyable is visiting with graduated students to see how they have taken concepts we taught to the next level of application within their organization.  And so it was this past week when a proud student showed us how he created a Hyjunkia Wheel (not a box) to optimize the use of an expensive asset. WOW !!! 



This week’s Issue | 06/05/2016 Once again ... 5S is not housekeeping !!   A good deployment of 5S is an engineered solution for process improvements ... so if cannot quantify your 5S activities then you are likely either doing housekeeping or improving your brand image. Enjoy this week's newsletter ...


Lean Maintenance

This week’s Issue | 02/05/2016 We are great fans of automation whether it be sophisticated or simplistic but with automation organizations are lulled into thinking they have achieved a perfect process.  But if you take your time to watch an automated process you will likely see that the process is plagued with micro stoppages.  This means you need a very robust maintenance methodology which we discuss in this week’s newsletter.