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Improvement and Cost Reduction

This week’s Issue | 27/06/2016 It looks like we are officially at the half point of the calendar year.  Continuous Improvement plans are being executed and thoughts of wonderful cost savings are likely being discussed … so we thought it may be appropriate to discuss just what are cost savings?


Time to LEAN … time to CLEAN

This week’s Issue | 20/06/2016 Yesterday we decided to Celebrate Father’s day and what a special day it turned out to be … our son who is apprenticing to become a chef stopped by to make some wonderful appetizers  and helped me as I prepared the main course for the family … during the process I made a slight comment to the Resident Love Goddess that I thought that she should be the one doing the cooking … wrong statement


Your Code of Conduct

This week’s Issue | 12/06/2016 This past week Mariela and I had another enjoyable few days in Cincinnati working with our class … always nice to see how our students grow and mature using Lean methodologies.  Once the bug hits them and they begin to see process the improvements become astounding. Woke up to another nice day … so time for a bit of a road trip … enjoy Joe Morello was the pilot and John Prostka his photographer/trusted mechanic.


Training Pays ….

This week’s Issue | 06/06/2016 When tough times plague a business the typical knee-jerk reaction is to stop training and reduce travel … both which could have a negative effect on the organization even helping the organization further spiral into negative territory.  This week we look at the benefit of investing in employee training and one of my favorite metrics … yield! Talk about innovation … Not your run-of -the -mill talent. Enjoy!