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In Memory of Don Soderquist

This week ended on a very sad note when we received the following formal announcement.  Mariela and I were blessed to have gotten to know Don personally for the past several years and will continue to cherish in our memories the many great discussions we had … and especially reflecting on Don’s stories … he really enjoyed teaching through story telling.  In case you never had a chance to hear Don speak on leadership … watch


Visitors are your best auditors

This week’s Issue | 18/07/2016 People become immune to their surroundings after 21 days so it becomes important for you capture people’s thoughts and impressions quickly as they tour your facility … read more in this week’s newsletter.


Trust in your Supply Chain

This week’s Issue | 11/07/2016 Doing a very quick turn around trip from Montreal this week.  I am amazed how organizations ignore deploying Lean methodologies to their “hidden factories” which in essence is their supply chains … in many cases they feel that they are too small or have minimal impact yet employ huge resources to correct supply chain imperfections.   So it just makes sense that as an OEM that you own the process throughout your supply chain and put


Another explanation of Lean Enterprise

This week’s Issue | 04/07/2016 Although as Lean practitioners we love to adapt methodologies from Toyota into our enterprises it really is organizations like Mc Donald’s that truly have engineered processes that anyone can work with without making errors … which is the topic of this week’s newsletter. I always love to see professionals in action plying their trade because they make tasks look simple and effortless when in reality they actually are not … like the bartender in that attached