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Methodologies Named after People

This week’s Issue | 29/08/2016 You know you have really accomplished greatness when a methodology is named after you.  Something I discovered this week and thought it would be great o share n this week’s newsletter.


Hosting better Meetings

This week’s Issue | 22/08/2016 Heading to Montreal this week for a marathon session of training to educate folks on the art of precision speaking and generous listening … long days but for sure it will be cultural game changer.  So this week we explore how to have effective meetings.  I have always been a proponent of increasing velocity within and value stream to increase margins so the second half of the newsletter explores how to combine speed and innovation


Developing a LEAN changeover program

This week’s Issue | 15/08/2016 We spent the week motoring through many work assignments which reminded us about the importance of planning our changeovers … hence it became the fodder for this week’s newsletter.  A friend send me the following which made me laugh so much Mariela was worried why I was crying so just have to share to make your Sunday start with a laugh … This guy is


PEOPLE …How to Recruit and Comand

This week’s Issue | 08/08/2016 Companies talk about having the products and technology … but in the end it still needs people to make it function.  Not many organizations are cluing in to the fact that a major labor shortfall is looming … here in Canada there is a skilled workforce shortage of over 110,000 people in British Columbia.  Other organizations know that 60% of their current workers are eligible to retie within the next 6 years.  So you just


5 Minute 5S+1

This week’s Issue | 01/08/2016 Our highlight this week was a visit to a farm where they are using a robotic milking system … it was totally awesome.  This technology will definitely revolutionize the dairy farm … no longer are farmers harnessed to the need to milk the cows twice or three times per day … the cows are trained to get milked at their own accord.  And this system is super smart  with reams of data generated to manage