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Output … What is your role and accountability?

This week’s Issue | 26/09/2016 Sometimes you just need to take time to appreciate what thoughtful engineering can do and the roles they play to support repetitive manufacturing.  In many situations the engineering community conceives a product in their minds that can not be produced at a rate they have perceived … so it is important that engineering remains engaged until a proper PSO (Production Sign Off) is completed.  So this week we look at roles and responsibilities regarding process


5S+1 … the enabler

This week’s Issue | 19/09/2016 When most organizations begin a Lean implementation they start with a deployment of 5S+1 … mainly because it creates such a powerful visual impact to outside eyes.  Unfortunately the deployment of 5S+1 is often viewed as a Lean Deployment when it has just been a glorified housekeeping exercise.  An engineered approach to a 5S+1 deployment will yield significant process improvements ranging from productivity to ergonomic improvements.  Doing 5S+1 with a pre-conceived plan will enhance your


The PERFECT Value Stream

This week’s Issue | 12/09/2016 Almost everyone will be reflecting on where they were 15 years ago as tragedy struck the twin towers in NY … I was standing in the parking lot of our plant when our comptroller arrived to announce that a plane had struck one of the towers after that we sat fixated watching the TV in our boardroom … concluding with a surreal drive home that afternoon. So while looking for a topic for this week’s


This week’s Issue | 05/09/2016 With summer unofficially over and the joy of kids heading back to school every nice day we get is a bonus !!!  At work our thoughts turn towards strategic planning and establishing budgets for the coming year.   Remember conducting an EVSM exercise causes the organization to pause and help identify significant opportunities that can be accomplished … but be wary of their impact as a result of traditional accounting practices.  Something we explore in this