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A COOL TOOL to manage rumours !!

This week’s Issue | 31/10/2016 WOW !!!  It is my Mom’s 90th birthday tomorrow and I am sure that she is going to celebrate accordingly.  Sometimes we think that we spend time communicating with our employees but still the rumour mill is faster than our capability to think … so this week’s tip in the newsletter can really help you combat those pesky rumours that can crop up. Enjoy


Pessimist or Opportunistic ?

This week’s Issue | 24/10/2016 The Resident Love Goddess and I attempted very much to get un-plugged during the last 2 weeks so we could enjoy the daily sunsets at the beach from our condo in Fort Myers Florida.  It was a good time for reflection, observation of the insanity of others and a time to plan our future … so this week we explore the difference between a pessimist and an opportunist in the newsletter.   Now we work hard in


Managing Customer Demand

This week’s Issue | 17/10/2016 The Resident Love Goddess and I are truly enjoying some sweet downtime at our condo in Florida.  We have been exploring and experiencing several of the local beaches around Fort Myers and Sanibel Island and so far none have failed to impress. Vacation is also a great time for reflection … so our thoughts made us think why do many Organizations operate like victims of their customer demand?  Sometimes if you just take a step back


Seek cadence within PROCESS

This week’s Issue | 10/10/2016 When you get the chance to see a nicely balanced process it is like watching a beautiful dance.  Since we love to dance we are always looking for that in a process or defining the cadence … which we discuss in this week’s newsletter. NOTE !!!  If you are planning or are registered to the Lean Certification program at Xavier University this fall please note that Mariela and I WILL NOT be


Another Perspective look at LEAN

This week’s Issue | 03/10/2016 Most Lean Practitioners tend to emulate Toyota and their methodologies when working within their organizations or when working with others.  The TPS methodologies work well in most environments but then again other organizations how created some very impressive methodologies in their own right …so at the end of the day you need to design and implement to correct suite of methodologies for your specific site or organization … which we discuss in this week’s newsletter. Enjoy