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You are RICH !!!

This week’s Issue | 20/11/2016 Tough hall these weeks in an attempt to help so many organizations … so a quick e-mail and newsletter to get those juices flowing with thought starters. As we head towards a new beginning and a new year you should consider conducting an EVSM Workshop to identify and prioritize opportunities to improve your process and your business. We typically find that with the workshops we facilitate a return of 100:1 … so a really good investment.  



This week’s Issue | 14/11/2016 “ If you have time to lean … you have time to clean “ … is the mantra to new employees of Mc Donald’s.  Cleaning is a necessary requirement of any workplace in order to keep it clean and organized.  In addition to adding cleaning reminders within your TPM checks the use of Kamishibai cards is another method to insure when employees experience downtime that they can use that time to provide a value added


Customer Service — rules of the game

This week’s Issue | 06/11/2016 As the Resident Love Goddess migrate through our lives it inadvertently requires us to interface with other people in businesses … it becomes very apparent to us who are just employees of the business versus who are the owners.  Typically the owners have a much higher commitment to customer service … but once in awhile we do come across businesses that have outstanding customer service from all employees.   So in this week’s newsletter we just