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DUMB or SMART manufacturing?

This week’s Issue | 19/12/2016 WOW !!!!   just a week before Christmas and where has the year gone?   It has been a very beneficial year for us and having the joy to help so many improve their processes and the quality of work for the many team members across the continent.   I came across this article about Dumb vs. Smart processes … a good read for those struggling to capture and convert “tribal” knowledge to a qualitative process.  But we


More essential LEAN TOOLS explained

This week’s Issue | 12/12/2016 This week we continue with the explanation of essential Lean tools …. Enjoy !!


Some essential LEAN TOOLS

This week’s Issue | 05/12/2016 Thought we would spend some time this week in the newsletter defining some Lean Methodologies … your toolbox can never have enough tools while you are in pursuit of the perfect process.   Enjoy and contact us if you need some help with implementation. We thought this video link was pretty cool also …. "CHASING ICE" captures largest glacier calving ever filmed  < hC3VTgIPoGU?rel=0>