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Subtle Communications TIPS

This week’s Issue | 27/02/2016 On Thursday it was the Resident Love Goddess’s birthday.  Although she stays committed to hovering at 25 we decided to mark the anniversary with a tourist day in Toronto.  Part of our activities included attending the Auto Show at the Convention Center.  What struck us both is just how little gap exists between entry and luxury vehicles when it comes to features and innovation … just the cladding is different.  Even if you view the



This week’s Issue | 13/02/2016 We have been working closely with an organization close to Montreal for the past several months.   They have adopted several Lean Methodologies that are tightly co-mingled … it has been a waved implementation which fueled by passion from the senior leaders is delivering amazing results that continue to improve almost daily.   So what kind of infrastructure have they implemented … read the newsletter ….


Business Requirements Planning (BRP)

This week’s Issue | 13/02/2016 This past week we were in Salt Lake City working for a former colleague .. which brought back fond memories of managing change.  Our return trip was interesting since we decided to do a “red eye” flight through LAX.  This is the first time we had the opportunity to fly in one of those seat pods … at first I was concerned I was too big … but once in the lie flat position had


Succession Planning and Managing Change

This week’s Issue | 30/01/2016 Managing change is more than changing process it is about engaging your workforce and aligning them towards a common objective … so this week we look at the factors to align change and how it relates to succession planning. Remember, that we are unique since we can support your change process with visual enablers (standard and custom) available through our Solutions Store. We had to participate on several conference call this past week which always reminds me