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The Hidden Philosophy of LEAN

This week’s Issue | 27/03/2016 This past week we were in Quebec City and were really impressed with the progress that our client partner has achieved.  They have carefully listened and followed our coaching and it was very nice to witness the dramatic results and accomplishments.  Gone is the variation that was experienced within the production environment replaced with a calm committed approach to improved communication and consistently meeting their numbers … WOW!!!  This past week we launched a full


Natural Work Groups

This week’s Issue | 20/03/2016 My cousin just finished translating his book from Dutch into English … I started to read a few chapters last week and then decided to take a day off to read the entire book (something I have not done for many years). Dennis’s book “The Fearless Monkey” is a rambling about leadership … definitely not a “how to” but rather a series of thought starters about leadership categorized into 2 sections … 1) look before


FLOW– should be the primary focus

This week’s Issue | 13/03/2016 With the implementation of Lean Methodologies you are attempting to identify and eliminate waste or “Disturbance to Flow” to create a continuous flow process that is constantly gaining value in the eyes of the customer … so  this week we discuss flow in greater detail in the newsletter.  Even when many folks feel that flow cannot be achieved through a real or perceived constraint in often time a paradigm shift will allow you to create


This week’s Issue | 06/03/2016 All organizations function with operating principals … they may be documented or intuitive.  If they are intuitive perhaps it is time to document, articulate and communicate them to your team.  Perhaps this week’s newsletter will offer you that inspiration … Just make sure it does not end up looking like this …