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Velocity the Genesis of LEAN

This week’s Issue | 01/05/2016 The Resident Love Goddess and I concluded our epic train trip across western Canada.  It was a magical journey as we converted moments into memories … forever.  We concluded our trip by spending time on Vancouver Island visiting Victoria and then our final few days in Vancouver before coming home via the red-eye last night - this morning. Even on vacation it is very hard to ignore process … and how some individuals or organizations


IF you have time to LEAN you have time to CLEAN !

This week’s Issue | 24/04/2017 The Resident Love Goddess and I just completed phase 2 of our epic train trip across Canada.  After taking the train from Toronto we got off in Jasper and made our way to Lake Louise as our base for the week.   From our wonderful hotel we enjoyed majestic day trips to Emerald Lake, Golden, and of course Banff Springs along with a gondola ride up Sulphur Mountain.  Being on the cusp of spring



This week’s Issue | 17/04/2016 The Resident Love Goddess and I have completed the first third of our epic train trip across Canada.   With no WIFI connections on board we were literally forced to enjoy the views that unfolded before us.   Our departure from Toronto allowed us to appreciate the lights and skyline of Toronto … we then enjoyed the Canadian Shield in Northern Ontario then transitioned towards Manitoba where the hills slowly declined into the flat prairie provinces of


Asking Questions on the Shop Floor

This week’s Issue | 10/04/2016 Lean Thoughts may be sporadic for the next couple of weeks … The Resident Love Goddess and I are taking a train trip across Canada with significant stops at Lake Louise and our final destination Vancouver and Vancouver Island.  We have been planning this trip for almost 6 years but failed to execute until now .. and we are excited !!! Working on a few hours of sleep after takin the red-eye from Utah where we


Fish Bone Diagrams

This week’s Issue | 03/04/2016 We are spending the weekend in Salt Lake City this weekend while working with a client.  One of the nice perks when working with a client is that we have the opportunity to explore new areas and create new and additional memories like our visit yesterday to the Hill aerospace museum … A common factor in all organizations is the requirement to solve problems so whether you use 6-Sigma, 5 Why, Shainin,