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14 Principals of TPS & thoughts about Training

This week’s Issue | 26/06/2016 The Resident Love Goddess had a great week working with a team in Salt Lake City this past week … which reminded me about the importance of the Original TPS Principals and why it is important to be constantly providing training to employees within the organization … so that is what we cover in this week’s newsletter.   Looking forward to celebrate Canada Day in Ottawa commemorating Canada’s 150th anniversary … YEAH !!!


The 4P’s of TPS and why it just makes sense.

This week’s Issue | 19/06/2016 To all the Father’s and wanna be Father’s … Happy Father’s Day !!! Just like the most uncommon sense is common sense the nucleolus of Lean is all about people and culture as we explore in this week’s newsletter.


What is KAIZEN ?

This week’s Issue | 12/06/2016 Finally after years of standing in a long line being sequentially processed through a security check-point at the airport we saw that Toronto Airport finally made an attempt to improve the process.  They now have at the induction point several stations for you to unload your possessions for scanning as empty totes come to you underneath … so in essence many people can be processed simultaneously … awesome form of Kaizen. So what is Kaizen ?


Engineer your SHADOW BOARD

This week’s Issue | 05/06/2016 I love being organized and how to minimize motion when doing a task.  But sometimes I have more tools than I actually need just because I have them.   The art of designing a shadow board goes beyond simple organization.   We love working with organizations to help them design and lay-out shadow boards.  We work with a wide array of substrates and shadow materials … but this week we attempt to provide some thought starters as