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Managing Customer Demand

This week’s Issue | 31/07/2016 Getting a handle on managing customer demand is an important aspect of managing and staffing your processes … so his week we explore that topic in the newsletter. This week’s link is courtesy from my Dad … enjoy !!!! Nobody else does commercials like Volkswagen— except maybe Budweiser. Precision-VW  


What is World Class?

This week’s Issue | 24/07/2016 Many people and organizations are in pursuit of becoming World Class … but do they really understand what that means?   This week we look at the perspective of what World Class could look like.


How to study Process

This week’s Issue | 17/07/2016 Once you become a Lean Junkie it seems like we are always studying process … and yes everything is a process.   Once you understand and see the process the next step is conducting an analysis to identify and eliminate waste … but how?  Also in many cases we are summoned because the pricing of a product can not be produced with the current process … hence this week we look at how to analyse process. BTW


Maintenance Audit for LEAN effectiveness

This week’s Issue | 10/07/2016 The Resident Love Goddess and I ventured to Ottawa to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday stopping along the way to connect with old friends so it became a wonderful mini vacation.  There had been many concerns about potential negative situations that could possibly occur during the celebrations but fortunately nothing but good times were experienced.   The security within Ottawa was definitely high but at the same time unassuming. Sometimes you just need to look in non traditional