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This week’s Issue | 28/08/2016 In many organizations we are approaching the time to establish budgets and targets for the upcoming year.  This is an excellent time to hit the “pause” button in your organization to conduct an Enterprise Value Stream Mapping workshop. Even if you have done one recently they should be reviewed on an annual basis … and make sure that you do a fact check before you start to determine have your customer expectations remained the same


Workplace Negativity

This week’s Issue | 21/08/2016 Statically when you analyse a group you will find that  20% are always positive minded no matter what the situation and another 20% that are negative but most concerning is the remaining 60% and determining which 20% group they will follow … which hopefully is not the negative portion.   So this week we explore how to identify if you have negativity within your work force and some tips on how to overcome and prevent it. This


3 Hats of a Change Agent

This week’s Issue | 14/08/2016 It has been very hectic for us these past couple of weeks doing a deployment in Mexico before heading to Winnipeg to scope an exciting new project … hence no newsletter last week.   But we are back in the saddle once again.   It does not matter where we travel or who we work with it always rewarding to coach and mentor organizational Change Agents … so this week we decided to share a few tips