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This week’s Issue | 16/10/2016 Teams go through an evolutionary process of 1) Forming 2) Storming 3) Norming and 4) Performing and creating a Lean Culture within an organization where “Adult to Adult” relationships exist also requires an evolutionary process of 1) Awareness 2) Compliance and finally 3) Commitment … however in this week’s newsletter we look at Lean Culture in a more academic manner …


Managing People, your most valuable resource

This week’s Issue | 10/10/2016 The Resident Love Goddess and I enjoyed a couple of relaxing weeks in Florida sitting on the beach and observing great sunsets.  We were amazed just how resilient the state was in recovering from the effects of Hurricane Irma.   Indeed I am certain many were significantly impacted but by and large most of the things appeared to be returning to normal … food stores were stocked, restaurants open and no fuel shortages … but we


LEAN Implementation observations

This week’s Issue | 02/10/2016 In many cases I don’t think organizations are serious about their Lean Implementation where it is often relegated to a junior individual within the organization with minimal or text book education and then claim that Lean does not work for their industry.  However if there is a process … then Lean Methodologies are applicable and ultimately everything is a process.   In this week’s newsletter we share some musings about a Lean Implementation .. hopefully they