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Andon $ Jidoka

This week’s Issue | 27/11/2017 One of the under pinning’s of Lean is to make things visual really visual!!   Many organizations ask operators to track process performance but typically this is tracked on a sheet of paper … instead get a large white-board and make it really visual … this then allows supervisors and coaches to monitor a process at a glance without interrupting the operator’s cadence.  Hence why the power of Jidoka and


Mistakes Leaders Make That Kill Employee Trust

This week’s Issue | 20/11/2017 Recently we have been disappointed by the actions of Leaders lately so felt that this week’s newsletter might encourage better behaviors.


Lean is about Basics

This week’s Issue | 13/11/2016 Is implementing Lean Methodologies and Investment or an Expense?   It can be both … we have seem many times when organizations have attempted to deploy a methodology without truly understanding the true purpose of the methodology and it fails to deliver … a common one in this category is 5S where the organization creates a beautiful plant but fails to improve quality and through-put.  Others are looking for the


Lean or TOC ? is there a difference?

This week’s Issue | 06/11/2016 A cool Lean thing happened to me yesterday as I flew home from Dallas .. since I was already operating 1 hour behind I had no need to adjust my watch in preparation for the end of daylight saving time.  There has always been a discussion of whether Lean or TOC is a better methodology since Lean