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Visible Preventable Management

This week’s Issue | 29/01/2018 By now everyone is back into the groove … so the chance for errors increases.  This week we review the power of using TPM to avoid silly mistakes. I wanted to share with you the following story that I found recently … just to give you a chuckle … Lean in Government or    How the Government WorksLI hope it is not true


Management of Customer Demand

This week’s Issue | 15/01/2018 Organizations are constantly looking for ways to manage customer demand … which is typically done through the utilization of a forecast which we know is either wrong or someone got lucky.  Hence the need for organizations to insure that their processes are agile and flexible.


Emotional Attachment creates Employee Engagement

This week’s Issue | 15/01/2018 Here in Ontario they have raised the minimum wage from $11.60 to $14.00 per hour.  Many retailers are stating that this increase will likely force them out of business in spite of raising prices.  However to very large part most retail operations are not efficient … so if there was a perfect time for retailers to adopt Lean Methodologies it would be now.  Indeed some are making changes like


Delivery Routes

This week’s Issue | 08/01/2018 To open 2018 we had the opportunity to visit New York City and present a Lean Overview to some interested attendees … unfortunately our presentation coincided with the onslaught of a winter storm so our audience was Lean … but those that did indeed make it were definitely interested.  However, on the plus side we were able to hook up with an old friend and enjoy a wonderful


Happy New Year

This week’s Issue | 02/01/2018 Welcome to 2018 … you probably have made some resolutions to improve yourself … so maybe you may want to include some to improve your organization.   We would like to suggest doing some training or refresher training for your team in house.  Contact us directly if you are interested … typically teams that have attended this training measure the training ROI in days.   If you are looking to enhance