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Are you really observing during a “Waste Walk”?

This week’s Issue | 30/04/2018 “Waste Walks” have become a popular topic within the Lean community … basically since it forces leaders to leave their desks and migrate to the Gemba (where work actually happens) and hopefully make some solid observations and suggest improvements … but are they really observing opportunity?  We cover this topic in this week’s newsletter.


Survive in Interesting Times

This week’s Issue | 16/04/2018 In this week’s newsletter we share some survival tips and tricks for these interesting times … maybe you will find one of them handy. Or feel free to contact us to schedule a Lean Assessment of your organization. Maybe you have noticed this on your smart phone or have become an unintended victim of surveillance capitalism … to learn more watch the following;


Surgable Production Trick

This week’s Issue | 09/04/2018 Sometimes you need a quick surge of through-put but not on a permanent basis.  The simple concept outlined in this week’s newsletter has many benefits that go beyond a sudden increase of production … it also forces people to perform in roles that they traditionally do not do … so provides great opportunity for “outside eyes” to look at a process and offer ideas for improvement … Love it


Refresh or Re-Boot your Lean Journey

This week’s Issue | 02/04/2018 Happy Easter to everyone … Easter traditionally marks the start of spring which allows our trees and flower to blossom … much like a refresh or a renewal.   Similar things can happen to your Lean Program which means that it may be in need to a refresh, renewal or advancement.   You can always contact us to conduct an assessment and provide you with tips and tricks and of course