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10 inexpensive ways to boost moral

This week’s Issue | 27/05/2018 Sometimes days can be frustrating for fellow team members … so this week we explore 10 inexpensive ways to motivate your troops.  I am sure we have all experienced the following;  


Break the Paridigm

This week’s Issue | 21/05/2018 You have heard the expression “Innovate or Evaporate” so inspired by watching a show on TV recently stimulated this week’s newsletter. See what I watched


Industry 4.0 — logistics

This week’s Issue | 14/05/2018 This week we continue our discussion about Industry 4.0 but delve into logistics. My fear is that companies will look to enhance I4.0 within their factory walls but will fail to apply it throughout the entire value stream … where the real money savings exist. There are definitely significant paradigm shifts happening .. even as you look at how amazon manages their warehouses …


Industry 4.0

This week’s Issue | 07/05/2018 With so much data now available coming from so many sources it can become a challenge on how to manage this data or have it consolidated into a single dashboard.  We are facing a similar challenge within the Digital Manor as we have utilized diverse technology to manage the house.  However, we are now entering a new manufacturing era … Industry 4.0 as we evolve from mechanizing manufacturing to