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This week’s Issue | 25/06/2018 Between Google and YouTube you can find solutions to most challenges and mysteries … and for most companies 70% of their sales are from products developed within the past 5 years.. A company from Australia called OZ is promoting the notion of Ideation to assist organizations to develop new products with different thought processes … so this week we share some of their tips and tricks.


This week’s Issue | 18/06/2018 Today more than ever is it important to have an active 5S+1 program in place.  Indeed doing 5S+1 creates a wonderful clean and organized work place but with many facing the challenge of attracting and retaining skilled employees you need to provide a professional environment which should be an extension of your Brand image.  Read more about 5S+1 in this week’s newsletter.


10 stupid mistakes in employee relations

This week’s Issue | 11/06/2018 you can have the product and the technology but at the core it is the people that really make your brand.  Respect of your people is crucial towards the ongoing success of your business so this week we explore how not to abuse your people and how to encourage them.   Dad sent me this awesome link earlier this week; 1st sequence - catches half a dozen fish in one strike. 2nd sequence -


First 30 days

This week’s Issue | 04/06/2018 Many people council us for advice … hopefully they “Hear” , “Listen” and “Do” but unfortunately in the majority of cases at best they only “Hear”.  Although there is a desperate need to make change they fear the investment to enable change thinking that it is only going to be an expense.   Such was the case recently as we tried to coach a senior executive that had recently moved to run a significant global organization.