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FMEA Failure Mode Evaluation Analysis

This week’s Issue | 30/07/2018 Poor planning on your part does not justify heroics by me to satisfy the goal.  A big difference between a robust Lean organization is the amount of time they invest in anticipating potential problems and how they can be averted. Hence comes into play the power of an FMEA … but once again many organizations jump directly to developing an FMEA instead of following a methodology to create an


Manage your INPUTS to control your costs

This week’s Issue | 23/07/2018 For many employment is just a job a way to exchange a “gift of time” to obtain money to pay bills while others dive into a challenge to formulate a career.  However all of them can recall the work environment they existed within. You have heard enough from me that your 5S strategy goes beyond optimization of people and processes but also is your brand management.  So this week


Paradigm Shift & Key Performance Indicators

This week’s Issue | 16/07/2018 We are constantly amazed while visiting organizations how they seem to amass money in spite of the lack of meaningful metrics or stuck operating with old paradigms when they could do so much better.  However a common tone these days is the inability to attract and retain talent … but when you look at their processes and environment you can quickly understand why people do not want to donate their gift of time to that


Orator, Visual or Touch Communications ?

This week’s Issue | 09/07/2018 Another myth shattered … during this past week a client thought if they deployed Standard Work Instructions all of their problems would be solved … noooo !!  Standard Work instructions are not created for our employees but rather for the rest of us so that we can audit and improve the process … so this week we explore further the use of Standard Work.


another explanation of LEAN Enterprise

This week’s Issue | 11/06/2018 If you are in Canada then a very Happy CANADA day … This week while working with a client we were reminded by just how hard some people work with mediocre processes to make them work … hence the content for this week’s newsletter. Plus some fireworks