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Building Effective Measurement Systems

This week’s Issue | 27/08/2018 As we get to the close of summer many organizations begin to think about the strategic plan for 2019 … but to measure how we do we need strong organizational KPI.  Now we believe that that KPI at the execution point need to be immediate and change behavior quickly however at a higher level they need to measure a change in course of direction.


This week’s Issue | 20/08/2018 At this time of year organizations begin to ponder their plans for the coming year or the next 5 years.  Planning involves both Strategic and Tactile initiatives and then a methodology and timing for execution.  I am still a raving fan of using EVSM to find improvements to existing processes but we still may need another approach to the Strategic Plan … so this week we explore the planning


Velocity is the actual currency of LEAN

This week’s Issue | 13/08/2018 Many times I am amazed at the stupidity of organizations.  In order to boost profit they make the wrong decisions like let us eliminate travel, no new hires, eliminate training and then I become the victim being told to terminate an employee that has been loyal to an organization for 20+ years because they are no longer relevant … why because the organization failed to provide training to the


Updating your Value Stream Maps

This week’s Issue | 06/08/2018 Doing a Value Stream Mapping workshop is a valuable tenant in your repository to force you to push the “pause” button on your organization by forcing you and a close team of practitioners to get “ON” our business instead of constantly being “IN” the processes.  Of course adding some outside eyes into the mapping exercise will deliver additional benefits.  James Womack used to issue some great thought provoking letters