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This week’s Issue | 24/09/2018 This past week we were asked to conduct an audit of a manufacturing operation for a client so they would feel confident in partnering with this organization for a significant project.  Now this organization was definitely a world-class operation utilizing the latest technology … but they still are dependent on people to optimize  the technology …. So definitely an opportunity to embrace the utilization of TPM.  Remember, we can


Why LEAN ?

This week’s Issue | 27/08/2018 The economy is humming and most organizations we inter-act with are looking for people … good people but people have a choice in where to donate their “Gift of Time” in exchange for a pay cheque.  Hence if you want professional results you need to provide a professional environment an environment that encourages people to want to be part of a winning team … hence the fodder for this


Designing Delivery Routes

This week’s Issue | 10/09/2018 Most organizations implement their Lean journey with the wrong focus … typically they start with 5S … workplace organization because it creates a huge stunning visual effect.  However, if you start with how to optimize material conveyance then the other Lean methodologies just start to make sense as part of your implementation.  We just returned from a week in Quebec where it



This week’s Issue | 03/09/2018 Lean Practitioners LOVE whiteboards and check-lists they also live by the old adage “what gets measured, gets done” so you likely will see plenty of charts within the work area so this week we take a closer look at Control Charts and how to use them effectively.  We hope that you are enjoying your labour day weekend …