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Is 99.9 Error Proof good enough?

This week’s Issue | 29/10/2018 Unfortunately it seems that Winter has arrived since we woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow on the ground.   Achieving good quality or an excellent first pass yield is not accomplished with luck but rather by engineering in attributes during the design process so this week we discuss briefly the topic of Error proofing … even if you have an existing


Implementing a LEAN Journey

This week’s Issue | 22/10/2018 We returned last week from an exciting week in Quebec.  Exciting because we facilitated a “Reflection” meeting at one of our clients.  Several years ago when the journey began we advised them that it typically takes 3 months to train employees to translate performance as a dot onto a graph and addition 3 months to have them connect the dots and then another 3 months for them to observe


LEAN Implementation observations

This week’s Issue | 15/10/2018 No excuses … this week’s newsletter is a re-print of a previous newsletter.  The Resident Love Goddess and I are in Quebec where the leaves have turned and are in peak colour and we want to spend our time in observation mode.  Enjoy your wonderful Sunday and hope that you have a great week ahead.


Thoughts to improve Supplier Performance

This week’s Issue | 08/10/2018 Resources are tight and you have too much work to get completed … what do you do?  Get innovative and work with resources you already know (maybe) your suppliers !!   This week we explore ideas on how to get closer to your supply community without it costing you anything.  As for innovation … this magic act amazed me


Create a better on boarding process

This week’s Issue | 01/10/2018 It seems that today every organization is looking for people … good people and not surprising in most cases that we have been exposed to up to 90% resign from the organization within 60 days.  Most of you follow and likely have in place processes to support the 3R’s of HR Recruit Retain Recognize  But often overlooked is how we on