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This week’s Issue | 26/11/2018 It occurred to me this week that technology advances very quickly as it creeps into our personal lives but we are resistant to accept the technology changes into our business environments.  Just imagine what the future can bring as we evolve with technology …. We can no longer have just operators as we embrace automation but rather every person will require significant technical skills just to be employed.  Read


This week’s Issue | 19/11/2018 Company Culture is a funny thing … something often discussed as an ultimate goal but in reality is a reflection of the senior Leadership.  So this week we reflect on what is Culture within your organization.



This week’s Issue | 12/11/2018 We spent an exciting week in Quebec working with one of our favorite partners … just a short period ago their board owners were nervous to do daily reporting now they speak like business people during the monthly reflection meeting to the Lead team … AWESOME !!!! plus the President and Owner of he business was just acknowledged as entrepreneurial of the year for the province of Quebec.  So


Continuous Flow and 4.0 ???

This week’s Issue | 05/11/2018 We always work with our client partners to develop processes that will allow for continuous flow … plus I came across an article that makes one ponder about manufacturing 4.0 .. enjoy