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This week’s Issue | 21/12/2018 We hope that during the past year our weekly newsletter inspired some thought starters and perhaps some excellent discussions between you and others within your organization and hopefully made your organization a better place to be.  We truly are inspired by passion to publish and share our inspirations with you and hope that you can become a better practitioner.  And maybe we can personally connect and work together in


Leader or Follower?

This week’s Issue | 17/12/2018 WOW !!!  nearly another year has transpired. Hopefully some of your dreams and hopes have materialized during 2018 or you are starting to think about objectives to accomplish in 2019.  If some of your 2019 objectives include improving process or enhancing employee moral and engagement then make sure you have us in your safe senders list.  We are also very good at helping organizations improve their Brand image through


Pessimist or Opportunistic?

This week’s Issue | 26/11/2018 Got home late last night due to delays and the winter weather … but we are vertical and moving forward.   Some good information about being an optimist for this week !!!


4 Questions to test your LEAN culture

This week’s Issue | 03/12/2018 Oh Wow !!!  it is now the month of December and the fat guy at the North Pole is working off a few pounds getting ready for his epic journey around the globe.  While I am starting my favorite winter sport playing with the thermostat.  This is a good time to evaluate your commitment to your Lean journey so we provide you with some critical questions …   If you