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Manage your Customer

This week’s Issue | 28/01/2019 Many times as an organization we feel that we are a victim of our customers … but your role is to relieve customer stress.  Maybe you have a chance to relieve both … read on and also how 5S will improve your organizational brand.  


The fence that me and Shorty Built

This week’s Issue | 21/01/2019 I think it is time to discuss organizational culture … you can either let it morph on its own or you can engineer it either directly or indirectly. We had a wonderful week once again in Quebec where our client was surprised just how big an impact his personality was having on the success of the business … and now how to replicate this trait into other’s of his


Casual Glance ???

This week’s Issue | 14/01/2019 The times are about to change and are you ready?  We have been operating within a super charged economy where volume has covered up our sins and allowed us to continue to make significant profit while scrambling to find people … good people.  But looking at the markets, the price of oil, trade wars and tariffs things are likely to change soon.   So now is the time to prepare


Inventory is Evil

This week’s Issue | 07/01/2019 Welcome to 2019 and let this be an exciting New Year for all in a very positive sense. Depending on your vantage point Inventory can be either a blessing or a curse … but most Lean Practitioners view it as a curse since it consumes so much of you highly regarded cash, while others may view it as an asset since that is where


Employee Experience

This week’s Issue | 02/01/2019 HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!  We hope that Santa was very kind to you this year and you are ready for an exciting 2019.   We open the year with some non-traditional thought starters such as adding a concierge to your operation, adopting the notion of “not counting” and finally a good economic fix for the economy.