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Employee Empowerment and Einstein’s Riddle

This week’s Issue | 18/03/2019 Happy St. Patrick’s day to everyone … with the day marked in green it is a nice gesture that spring will also be arriving shortly.  A lot of discussion recently about employee empowerment and what should it look like?   To be honest it will look a little bit different inside each organization so you will have to define what empowerment needs to look like for your organization.  What empowerment


This week’s Issue | 11/03/2019 For some there has been a debate for years of which methodology is better within an operation … Lean which helps identify and eliminate waste of the use of TOC (Theory Of Constraints) where we work to optimize a constraint within a process … but surprise both methodologies are actually in violent agreement and complementary to each other. Guess my father was not very


Advanced Lean

This week’s Issue | 04/03/2019 My big AHAAA this week came as we worked with a local organization.   They have been in business for many years and thought that they were extremely good at their process … but as a team they had grown together with little outside influence … hence their processes just evolved around their conventional thinking without taking on some additional insights … so this now became a fun exercise for