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Sit on your hands

This week’s Issue | 29/04/2019 Business is humming and many organizations are looking for skilled and experienced help … but business is running so strong that they are also avoiding to invest in their people through training.  Never avoid the investment of training since is what makes your organization stronger … so this is why this week’s newsletter about “Sitting on your Hands” is important to me … 



This week’s Issue | 22/04/2019 I have always supported that companies should not have a suggestion program … since it should be everyone’s job to figure out how to continuously be improving the organization … This week’s newsletter is about Leadership … enjoy


Foundational Methodologies

This week’s Issue | 15/04/2019 We are so fortunate to be able to assist many organizations and so many industries to accomplish the next level of competitiveness by coaching them on the use of many Lean Methodologies.  But it typically starts with some basic foundational methodologies … these are true and well tested and complemented with some training it is awesome to see organizations blossom.   So enjoy this week’s newsletter and if you want


Customer Testimonial

People that know and have worked with us know just how secretive we are about our clients.  Mainly because we propel our clients to become outstanding leaders within their industrial sector.  We do have passion to help our client partners to become passionate about their business and really understand that it is their people who truly deliver amazing results.  So this week I