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problems, Problems … PROBLEMS !!!

This week’s Issue | 27/05/2019 As leaders every day we find pride in solving problems thinking that these activities make our organization better as we inch closer to creating the perfect process.  So this week we explore the situation surrounding problems ….  Houston we have a problem  



This week’s Issue | 12/05/2019 This week Mariela and I spent some time in discussion with David Arkell of 360 Energy.  360 Energy acts as a coach to organizations to better manage their Energy spend and highlight potential opportunities for savings.  As we here in Canada are getting insight about the environment and the Carbon Footprint


Rubber Factory

This week’s Issue | 06/05/2019 The only thing I know about forecasts is that they … Are normally wrong If somewhat correct the forecaster was lucky  So it becomes very important that organizations can design their operations to become flexible and agile to handle any sudden changes in customer demand.  The master of this kind of design was Brian Clements when he was