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LEAN Transformation

This week’s Issue | 24/06/2019 Transformations can be a challenge … as Mariela and I contemplate semi-retirement we have decided to sell the digital manor and move into a condo.  We have purchased a condo in Mimico (eastern part of Toronto) adjacent to Lake Ontario which will ultimately change our daily life style, but in a positive manner.   Transitions can be scary and may look expensive when you look at the transition costs but


Mistakes Leaders Make That Kill Employee Trust

This week’s Issue | 17/06/2019 Being a Leader is not a topic of winning a popularity contest but rather holding a position that commands respect … whether it be good or bad and providing direction to execute the Vision and Mission of the organization … so this week we explore ways that Leaders can destroy that respect they should have within the organization. 


Simplicity of an A3

This week’s Issue | 10/06/2019 This week we are in Quebec working with a client close to Quebec City which has to be one of the most charming cities within North America.  We decided to stay in a Chalet on a small vineyard which has a ton of charm only to find that the local grocery store had lobster on sale at an insane price … pure bliss wine and lobster!!!


Engineer the PROCESS

This week’s Issue | 03/06/2019 Here we are at the beginning of June and I feel like I cannot put away my snow suit just yet.  Many years ago Mariela created a simulation to train folks about the basics of 5S and when my Sensei came to our house and we explained the workings of the simulation in excited tones … with his