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This week’s Issue | 22/07/2019 It was a bit quiet for us this week so it was a great time to begin building our project plan for our upcoming renovation plan. It is always nice to speak with experts within their specific category and then discuss and assemble the ideas into one grand vision. This week we decided to help define what Respect for People within your organization should look like and some of the supporting enablers that should be in


Manufacturing Myths

This week’s Issue | 15/07/2019 People have been fighting the same obstacles in manufacturing during all of the time but just using different methodologies to battle the challenges … so this week we take a look at some of the manufacturing myths.


Again what is the purpose of 5S?

This week’s Issue | 07/07/2019 Today my father is celebrating being on this planet for 90 years … so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dad !!  Unfortunately he is so busy that we are unable to take him out for a celebration until later this week.  Many organizations get it wrong when embarking on a Lean journey … they think it needs to start with workplace


Customer Demand Planning

This week’s Issue | 01/07/2019 Shortly we will begin celebrating Canada Day, a time for BBQ’s, beer and fireworks !!! YIPPEE !!!  Because we are getting ready for celebrations I do not have the time or patience to write a newsletter from scratch … so this week we go back and study how to manage customer demand.  Operational processes need to adjust as our customers become more impulsive and unpredictable.  Perhaps you can dictate