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Managing Multiple Sites, Departments or Teams

This week’s Issue | 26/08/2019 I apologize for the 2 attachments this week.  I believe that an expert can make something that is complex and difficult look extremely simple ….. so much so that they try to do it themselves without assistance and ultimately fail.  So this week we provide some insight on some management tools.  However in the second attachment shared by my father how an unusual musical instrument is risen to a new height … hope you enjoy


Supply Chain Management

This week’s Issue | 19/08/2019 I really love our suppliers … they are a unique bunch which help us provide value to our client partners.  We find that in many cases people view their suppliers in a adversarial light when a bit of positive attitude could make a significant difference.   So this week we look at some aspects of Supply Chain notions …. Enjoy.


Cellular & TAKT Time

This week’s Issue | 12/08/2019 We are constantly correcting our customers about the term of Takt Time.  Takt Time is the rate that your customer is expecting your product or service which means that you will have to produce at a faster rate when you add in your process losses like breaks and PFD (Personal, Fatigue, Delays).  So if you build you process based on Takt Time you will be in trouble. We also delve into the benefits and explanation of


Lean, 6-Sigma and Takt Time

This week’s Issue | 05/08/2019 All Performance Excellence methodologies seem to intersect bringing the practitioner to the same conclusion but perhaps through a different lens.   Lean Methodologies are used to identify and eliminate waste to improve throughput and increase value add touch labour … Six-Sigma is used to identify and reduce variability in a process making it more predictable and TOC is used to identify a bottle-neck and then optimize it to also increase