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Design for De Manufacturing

This week’s Issue | 30/09/2019 We know that Change is Constant but in some cases Change is something old just re-invented.  But subtle over time is the change in Paradigms and we are now seeing an increasing amount of change within Social Paradigms … some good, some ridiculous and some absurd.  However, the subtle and not so subtle shift of these paradigms are going to change how we need to live going forward … going are the days of where



This week’s Issue | 23/09/2019 When you are a Lean Practitioner you never just observe an operation you are always looking for process.  So this week I found myself attending our local hospital emergency room and indeed process exists.  Imagine being in an environment where you have absolutely no idea what kind of demand will be coming your way … you can have victim walk-ins needing stitches, ambulance intake ranging from broken bones, heart attacks, strokes and broken bones and



This week’s Issue | 16/09/2019 Oh My !!!  What happens if we train our employees and then they decide to leave? It could be worse if we decide not to train them and they decide to stay!   As we enter into last quarter of the year many organizations will begin to plan their strategy and objectives for 2020.  Of course we would be delighted to assist you with your planning process … just contact us or if you are planning to provide


Key Performance Indicators

This week’s Issue | 09/09/2019 I decided not to publish a newsletter last week because I was enjoying our visit to Quebec City.  However this week we explore how to identify and use KPI’s within our organizations.  A simple KPI can quickly change the behavior within our organization so they should be studied before implementation to determine what effect it will have.