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Merry Christmas !!! 2019

This week’s Issue | 23/12/2019 T ’is the time of year for the Resident Love Goddess and I too wish you a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous entry to 2020 !!!  We hope that Santa will be kind to both you and your family this year by bringing smiles to your face.  If you are not quite sure if you made to the nice list and may be a bit concerned is Santa will find you, then be like us


LEAN the four letter word !!!

This week’s Issue | 16/12/2019 Learning is completed by using the following senses of visual, touch or orator …and the most effective training usually spans at least 2 of the senses or hopefully all.   For many LEAN becomes a 4 letter word since a change agent witnessed a LEAN methodology in action (visual) and thinks that it can easily be replicated with minimal effort or no external coaching … and then LEAN fails or under delivers on potential results.  Hence


Manufacturing 4.0 … explained

This week’s Issue | 09/12/2019 DATA – DATA – DATA … today it appears that technology is exponentially advancing creating vast realms of data … really great data but then what?  In most cases organizations lack an analyst who has the time and the ability to review the data for trends and inflections that could result in permanent organizational behavior of improvement.  Indeed the integration of Block-Chain does remove redundant data keying but let us go back to Manufacturing 4.0


Lean or just Common Sense?

This week’s Issue | 02/12/2019 Let us not get confused … many, many companies embark on process improvements which they then define as an implementation of Lean.  Wake-up in most cases they are not Lean but just simple common business sense.  But whether Lean or Common Sense their also exists a major allergic condition by most leaders to avoid improvements.  Blaming that the solution may be too complex, too simple, too expensive, too simplistic or no resources … so they