30 Inch View — you cannot LEAD by DOING !!

This week’s Issue | 06/07/2020

Living with Covid has meant traditional processes are being constantly modified then adjusted as everyone attempt to make life feel as normal as possible or at least how they remember normal … but in some cases these new process changes are actually wonderful new experiences that I personally hope will stay forever.  Hence this week I decided to write the content about be afraid that you do not succumb to the 30 inch view and the power of as a leader being the observer …

As the use of masks are being encouraged or even mandated how do you know if your mask is truly effective?  Try the “Candle Test” … attach your mask to your face as prescribed and then light a match, candle or lighter and the n through your mask attempt to blow out the flame … if you can, it is time to replace your mask, if you cant you are good to go with an effective mask.   Wear you mask if you are a kind human being … it is not only meant to protect you but also to protect others from you … let us be kind to one and other!!!

Enjoy the other Covid advantage as restaurants are allowed to expand patio dining … the weather is wonderful so who would want to sit and eat inside anyway.   ENJOY !!!

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