Advanced Lean

This week’s Issue | 04/03/2019

My big AHAAA this week came as we worked with a local organization.   They have been in business for many years and thought that they were extremely good at their process … but as a team they had grown together with little outside influence … hence their processes just evolved around their conventional thinking without taking on some additional insights … so this now became a fun exercise for us.   Which reminded me that even if you think you have done a successful Lean deployment you have only just started the journey.

Then we zipped over to Quebec where we quickly witnessed a situation of customer intimidation because as a supplier we were unable to gain control of the meeting to gather the information we need to build a profitable and Lean process.  Capturing the Voice of the Customer (VOC) can be vital to your success in developing your process because the customer really does not know or understand your process so only asks for requirements based on their assumptions.




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