Another Perspective of LEAN

This week’s Issue | 24/08/2020

Every organization is redesigning their processes whether in a minor or major manner? With either a long-term view or as a temporary fix … processes are changing.  This is a good time to pause, reflect and really think about long-term process change to better your process or service delivery.  Many organizations (rightly so) have reacted by installing Lexan or other clear plastic barriers to protect employees … a good quick fix but if you understand the material you will also know that a few Sanitation cleanings or a couple of months in sunlight will scratch or make the material brittle … and if Covid still exists you will be re-investing again … when taking a bit more time and to have your shields fabricated from glass will be much longer lasting (look at sneeze guards installed on former buffet counters) … same design energy required, a bit longer and a bit more expensive to install … but a lasting solution.

Finally, always remember that process design will define your final product delivery and consistency of your product or service  … so let us reflect on another perspective of LEAN in this week’s newsletter.

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