Another Perspective look at LEAN

This week’s Issue | 30/09/2013

This week Mariela and I were the opening key-note speakers at the Bio-Innovation Conference hosted in Sarnia. Since many of the presenters were exposing cutting edge new formulations using renewable resources instead of petroleum based substrates it was very interesting what kind of cool new stuff is slowly entering the marketplace.  The use of renewable substrates is more costly of course so it was nice that these folks understood the need to be early adopters of Lean Methodologies in order to make their output cost effective sooner.  What really impressed me is that a simple edict by Wal-mart several years ago that sales of their products through their stores by 2016 would sum in a negative carbon footprint calculation was driving innovation so far down the Value Stream.  So this week we take a look at another perspective of Lean.


Often we witness how organizations take simple tasks and make them very complicated … little did I know there is actually a competition that challenges innovation to make simple tasks appear so complicated … enjoy;


We will begin running a Lean Leader training series commencing later in October both here in Ontario and in Detroit.  Initially we were skeptical if it would deliver results … but now organizations that have sent people are constantly asking for more training to send more folks.  We have a few spots open so contact us to see if we can fit you in.  I now feel comfortable guaranteeing a 350% return on investment.


BTW do not forget about the following training programs;


Display Ready Pallet Packaging (November 05, 2013)

During Christmas while standing at the check-out at our local supermarket I counted 125 Display Ready Pallets.  For many DRP’s have become a disease that needs to be treated rather than relegated to a back corner of the operation or even sub-contracted.  We will show you effective methodologies that will minimize the margin erosion DRP’s can have on your primary product.

Xavier Lean Certification (October 15-16 & November 13-14) or (April 09-10 &  May 14-15)

Learn, Apply, Audit methodology is incorporated within this experiential learning approach.  We have been extremely pleased with the outstanding results accomplished by our students during these classes for their respective organizations.  Plus Cincinnati is a great city to explore while you are learning … and you can obtain learning credits.

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