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Cellular & TAKT Time

This week’s Issue | 12/08/2019 We are constantly correcting our customers about the term of Takt Time.  Takt Time is the rate that your customer is expecting your product or service which means that you will have to produce at a faster rate when you add in your process losses like breaks and PFD (Personal, Fatigue, Delays).  So if you build you process based on Takt Time you will be in trouble. We also delve into the benefits and explanation of


Lean, 6-Sigma and Takt Time

This week’s Issue | 05/08/2019 All Performance Excellence methodologies seem to intersect bringing the practitioner to the same conclusion but perhaps through a different lens.   Lean Methodologies are used to identify and eliminate waste to improve throughput and increase value add touch labour … Six-Sigma is used to identify and reduce variability in a process making it more predictable and TOC is used to identify a bottle-neck and then optimize it to also increase


This week’s Issue | 22/07/2019 It was a bit quiet for us this week so it was a great time to begin building our project plan for our upcoming renovation plan. It is always nice to speak with experts within their specific category and then discuss and assemble the ideas into one grand vision. This week we decided to help define what Respect for People within your organization should look like and some of the supporting enablers that should be in


Manufacturing Myths

This week’s Issue | 15/07/2019 People have been fighting the same obstacles in manufacturing during all of the time but just using different methodologies to battle the challenges … so this week we take a look at some of the manufacturing myths.


Again what is the purpose of 5S?

This week’s Issue | 07/07/2019 Today my father is celebrating being on this planet for 90 years … so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dad !!  Unfortunately he is so busy that we are unable to take him out for a celebration until later this week.  Many organizations get it wrong when embarking on a Lean journey … they think it needs to start with workplace


Customer Demand Planning

This week’s Issue | 01/07/2019 Shortly we will begin celebrating Canada Day, a time for BBQ’s, beer and fireworks !!! YIPPEE !!!  Because we are getting ready for celebrations I do not have the time or patience to write a newsletter from scratch … so this week we go back and study how to manage customer demand.  Operational processes need to adjust as our customers become more impulsive and unpredictable.  Perhaps you can dictate


LEAN Transformation

This week’s Issue | 24/06/2019 Transformations can be a challenge … as Mariela and I contemplate semi-retirement we have decided to sell the digital manor and move into a condo.  We have purchased a condo in Mimico (eastern part of Toronto) adjacent to Lake Ontario which will ultimately change our daily life style, but in a positive manner.   Transitions can be scary and may look expensive when you look at the transition costs but


Mistakes Leaders Make That Kill Employee Trust

This week’s Issue | 17/06/2019 Being a Leader is not a topic of winning a popularity contest but rather holding a position that commands respect … whether it be good or bad and providing direction to execute the Vision and Mission of the organization … so this week we explore ways that Leaders can destroy that respect they should have within the organization. 


Simplicity of an A3

This week’s Issue | 10/06/2019 This week we are in Quebec working with a client close to Quebec City which has to be one of the most charming cities within North America.  We decided to stay in a Chalet on a small vineyard which has a ton of charm only to find that the local grocery store had lobster on sale at an insane price … pure bliss wine and lobster!!!


Engineer the PROCESS

This week’s Issue | 03/06/2019 Here we are at the beginning of June and I feel like I cannot put away my snow suit just yet.  Many years ago Mariela created a simulation to train folks about the basics of 5S and when my Sensei came to our house and we explained the workings of the simulation in excited tones … with his