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That 30 inch view or diversion?

This week’s Issue | 25/01/2021 As westerns we have been programmed that if we are not being busy (or acting busy) we likely are not providing any value … when in reality sometimes doing nothing and having to do nothing is actually much more productive.  For example when part of the leadership team at a car assembly facility our job was to stand and just observe the Andon board in final assembly spanning from 5 minutes before line start to


Clean & Lean Office

This week’s Issue | 18/01/2021 Life is comprised of a series of processes and these processes consist of operations, tasks and sub-tasks … but do they add value?   As the world pivots due to Covid people are now sequestered in their home office and even though you may have migrated your processes with you I am sure that they have changed even if it is due to now acceptable “Disturbances To Flow” caused by children, spouses or pets … but


CULTURE? Muscle Memory or DNA

This week’s Issue | 11/01/2020 Often companies adopt new methods in order to either adjust or change culture while attempting to improve communication.  But are method changes enough?   Your organizational culture was programmed at the start of your business and then solidified as infrastructure operating software is implemented … so can you adjust culture through methods or do you need to dig deeper into your DNA while you Brand is evolved through Muscle Memory … read more in this week’s



This week’s Issue | 21/12/2020 CONGRATULATIONS !!!  if you are reading this … well, you have survived and navigated around the obstacles of 2019 which I am sure that in some cases were major and others .. just a nuisance but you are here.  That is awesome and … We hope that during the past year our weekly newsletter inspired some thought starters and perhaps some excellent discussions between you and others within your organization and hopefully made your organization a


This week’s Issue | 14/12/2020 I believe there is a huge vulnerability with organizations are attempting to eliminate Tribal Knowledge by replacing it with “Standard Work” … now I truly believe in Standard Work or “latest Best Practice” to insure consistency of purpose and predictable outcomes … but that Tribal Knowledge usually retained by a “Spiritual Leader” can ultimately build and ultimately establish your Brand !!   That then becomes the vulnerability unless you know it, acknowledge it and finally harness


This week’s Issue | 07/12/2020 The Covid-19 business model demographics are now truly starting to be defined and it is fascinating!  What started in March as was thought by many to be a short couple of week transition has now lingered into a multi-month impact that will most likely stretch into 2021 significantly … but still at the end, we cannot reflect in our rear-view mirror a return to normal.  But the demographics have truly stratified   … We have the LEADERS


Are you brave to invert the TRIANGLE?

This week’s Issue | 23/11/2020 I am prepping myself for an upcoming debate with an individual who will defend a critical Key Performance Indicator used throughout their organization that I am certain that most people within the organization really do not understand let alone can directly impact … but can diligently quote and will argue that they can impact … So it goes back when you establish a Performance metric … what behaviors are you attempting to create?  How do you


Innovate or Evaporate !!!

This week’s Issue | 16/11/2020 Innovate or Evaporate !!! is becoming the new mantra of todays business especially in Retail.  Indeed those businesses that did not rely on “in-business” visits have continued to survive or in most cases survive (for example pizza delivery or drive-through at Mickey-D’s) while others are attempting to survive or at least carve a new niche within the business landscape … so while many have struggled between Leadership and Management a new trait within business is


TRIBAL KNOWLEDGE … is a good thing !!

This week’s Issue | 09/11/2020 How easy we have it these days … if we stumble or need a greater understanding or to solve a problem … if Google or You-Tube cannot provide the answer most likely an answer does not exist.  Today we do not have to venture out to find Tribal Knowledge to solve our crisis …  But Tribal knowledge should not be dismissed since it does formulate within the fabric of our competitive edge … either ignore


Stand in a CIRCLE !!!

This week’s Issue | 03/11/2020 We are still getting adjusted to life within the digital condo … who would have thought one would need an I.T. individual to make your abode livable and also thank goodness that most companies now have Tech Services available and staffed with real human beings or we would definitely be sunk. As we have been wandering around getting adjusted this has required us to spend a lot of time with new and diverse suppliers.  I am