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Another approach to 5S+1

This week’s Issue | 25/11/2019 Many years ago I was handed “carte blanche” to deploy Lean Methodologies across the organization.  Many speak about gaining support from the top … something we had since the activities and project plan had been approved by the Board of Directors .. so what was the problem?   A significant attribute within our deployment was the adoption of 5S which was woven intricately among the many other Lean Methodologies that were part of the overall project


Visual Attendance

This week’s Issue | 18/11/2019 I believe that one of the most insulting pillars that exist in many organizations is the requirement for employees to “clock” into and out of work every day.  We have worked hard to recruit capable people that align with our beliefs and will fit nicely into our culture.  We develop and integrate many methodologies to increase engagement and then the insult … you need to “clock”.   Remember, we have hired adults and being an adult



This week’s Issue | 11/11/2019 No Lean Tips this week … instead we want you to pause to remember … I am not a war veteran, but today we remember in acknowledgement of Remembrance Day or Veteran’s day to the many folks you went without question to protect the freedom and democracy we enjoy and sometimes appreciate today. I grew up in Guelph Ontario which is the birth place of John McCrae and on a daily basis I walked past his birth



This week’s Issue | 04/11/2019 Most people laugh at the following story … but there is actually quite a bit of truth contained within the story.  We witness this often as people decide to go on a journey alone since they may have seen a methodology in action before and feel that it would be simple to replicate and will ultimately pay the price or fool themselves by doing cost avoidance .. but is it really?  So this week in


Lead, Follow or Get Out Of the Way!!

This week’s Issue | 28/10/2019 As a Leader your thoughts are split between Strategic and Tactile thinking.  Indeed the majority of your time should be spent towards Strategic thinking … how to grow the business, development and introduction of new products or the expansion into new markets.  But Tactile thinking is also very important to insure that your processes are delivering your product or service in a predictable manner satisfying customer requirements.  Unfortunately most Lean Practitioners focus on methodologies that


Another Perspective look at Lean

This week’s Issue | 21/10/2019 Many Lean Practitioners devote their careers to replicating Lean Methodologies within their organizations with a silver bullet approach.  Understand that at the end of the day Toyota is in the business of making money so although they provide guiding principals to the organization they only apply methodologies where it makes absolute sense and will provide an excellent ROI.  But we proceed to mimic Toyota but perhaps we should look at another organization … McDonalds.  Here


You are Business because of YOUR Customer !!!

This week’s Issue | 14/10/2019 It is sad to think that simple manners are evaporating especially when it comes to e-mails.  Many personalized e-mails have been acknowledged with radio silence which is very sad instead of a quick .. not interested or I will get back to instead we are being ignored until most likely they need something and then demand immediate satisfaction. I have an individual that stays in contact needing help but has no time … which translates into


STANDARD WORK … myths and opportunities

This week’s Issue | 07/10/2019 Standard Work has become a vocal tenant within the Lean community which has then spun off to create Training within Industry. However, Standard Work should be viewed as a “Current Best Practice” and may not be applicable within all levels of your organizations. Read this week’s newsletter to understand why … However, we cannot ignore emerging technologies and this technology is available now … just imagine the potential impact this technology could have on creating standard


Design for De Manufacturing

This week’s Issue | 30/09/2019 We know that Change is Constant but in some cases Change is something old just re-invented.  But subtle over time is the change in Paradigms and we are now seeing an increasing amount of change within Social Paradigms … some good, some ridiculous and some absurd.  However, the subtle and not so subtle shift of these paradigms are going to change how we need to live going forward … going are the days of where



This week’s Issue | 23/09/2019 When you are a Lean Practitioner you never just observe an operation you are always looking for process.  So this week I found myself attending our local hospital emergency room and indeed process exists.  Imagine being in an environment where you have absolutely no idea what kind of demand will be coming your way … you can have victim walk-ins needing stitches, ambulance intake ranging from broken bones, heart attacks, strokes and broken bones and