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30 Inch View — you cannot LEAD by DOING !!

This week’s Issue | 06/07/2020 Living with Covid has meant traditional processes are being constantly modified then adjusted as everyone attempt to make life feel as normal as possible or at least how they remember normal … but in some cases these new process changes are actually wonderful new experiences that I personally hope will stay forever.  Hence this week I decided to write the content about be afraid that you do not succumb to the 30 inch view and


Cellular will work despite Covid-19

This week’s Issue | 22/06/2020 Work Breakdown analysis was the foundation that enabled Ford to create the assembly line … this destroyed the myth that batch work was best or “one person, one complete product” … Now with Covid and the non-negotiable factor of inconsistent employee attendance … the use of “Cellular Process” will be a powerful attribute to your operation.  Concerns about Physical Distancing are mute … since you can design the cell to operate in one of 2


Deming’s PDCA and Value Stream Mapping

This week’s Issue | 15/06/2020 One common thing as a result of Covid … is that everyone everywhere are changing their processes.  Changing existing processes is primarily due to averting a reoccurring problem and these changes are naturally done using “Job Skill and Experience” with inputs these days of regulatory guidance.  These are reactionary gestures and few pause to use or review with a rational process to determine value or the ultimate impact on cost. For example these days if


This week’s Issue | 07/06/2020 Contamination control is not new … although it appears to have taken on a whole new level of importance these days.  It does make one wonder how bad were organization’s concerns about our wellbeing before the outbreak of Covid. As the frequency of sanitation practices increases organizations are adding components into employee’s work spaces … but are they easily accessible ?  because if not they will not be used … of course the use needs


Basic 5S+1 pricipals

This week’s Issue | 29/05/2020 As we transition through the Covid-19 pandemic … adaptability has become a new important leadership trait.  Unfortunately we cannot look in the rear-view mirror to forecast our new normal … so we need to cognizant not to alter our processes with PTF (Permanent Temporary Fixes) and no real need to totally invent new processes like sanitation … al retail has to do is to look at their OEM food manufacturers and use standard GMP (Good


Who is the CUSTOMER?

This week’s Issue | 18/05/2020 Every Organization is currently changing or adjusting their processes as a result of Covid-19 … which is both a reaction but also a great opportunity.  Being a process-weanie … I have now started to judge and rate these process changes to see who is the most compliant and most effective … while others are just applying a veneer approach thinking they are fooling the customer that they are protected.  Very similar to deployments of Lean


This week’s Issue | 11/05/2020 Last week we challenged you to find a balance within your processes between the “Voice of the Customer” (VOC) and adjusting your processes to support the “Voice of Regulation” (VOR) … but as we witnessed this week as organizations react and Jump to Solution … they decide to drop some of their basics which during these transitionary time can be the most powerful assistant to you and your organization.  We are on the cusp of


Voice Of the Customer (VOC)

This week’s Issue | 04/05/2020 Without knowing it, businesses are starting to develop the “New Normal”   Any successful business originates by listening to the Voice-of-the-Customer (VOC) … but recently the customer definition has changed from the consumer to regulators looking to prevent the spread of Covid-19.  These activities have been prioritized in the business models with a “consistency of purpose” but an “inconsistency of process”.  I fully understand and support the prevention measure to mitigate the spread of the virus but


Process Change is a journey

This week’s Issue | 27/04/2020 They say the only constant in life is “CHANGE” and these days everyone is definitely being impacted.  Most of the change impacting us these days is mostly reactionary rooted based on skill, experience and intuition.  In this case many of the changes are going to permanently mold our lives going forward … so it really is a journey of change … with many of the changes involving process which at one point will be reviewed



This week’s Issue | 20/04/2020 JUMP TO SOLUTION !!!  This is the normal human solution when impacted by an unscheduled “Disturbance to Flow” which definitely Covid-19 has created on many businesses.  This has resulted in many changed processes to prevent the spread of the virus … but at what cost?  Making decisions based on “Brain Storming” using skill and experience can provide a solution but not necessarily the most cost effective.  I have witnessed personally the effect of Continuous Improvement