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Spaghetti Diagrams

This week’s Issue | 14/09/2020 The addition of Covid to our lives also means that most of our processes have changed and also those processed surrounding us and impacting our daily lives.   But have we just jumped to solution or have we paused to reflect on the process to insure that the process is optimized and capable to deliver the desired results?  A very quick and simple methodology to reflect on a process is the ability to sketch a Spaghetti


5 Minute — 5S+1 … again

This week’s Issue | 08/09/2020 The majority of people truly enjoy working with a clean and orderly environment but truly do not like a huge task of cleaning.  I have been a true advocate of promoting 5 minute 5S since it can take a huge task and break it down into simple tasks … and incremental task that can be done beyond the normal cleaning .. this typically is well facilitated by having outside eyes casually audit a work area


Another Perspective of LEAN

This week’s Issue | 24/08/2020 Every organization is redesigning their processes whether in a minor or major manner? With either a long-term view or as a temporary fix … processes are changing.  This is a good time to pause, reflect and really think about long-term process change to better your process or service delivery.  Many organizations (rightly so) have reacted by installing Lexan or other clear plastic barriers to protect employees … a good quick fix but if you understand



This week’s Issue | 17/08/2020 Clayton Christenson was one of my professors who formalized the theory of “Disruptive Innovation” and the examples he used were very vivid but yesterday my father sent me one of those e-mails, one to make you stop and think …  I believe we are in the middle of yet another deployment of a subtle but significant “Disruptive Innovation” … We are actually living in the middle of the transition as we complete our condo renovations


Permanent Temporary Fix (PTF) or Innovation?

This week’s Issue | 10/08/2020 Many of us have heard the story of how NASA spent millions to develop a pen that would function in outer space while in Russia they handed their astronauts a pencil.   Innovation without following a rational process can quickly become complex and complexity can and most likely will be expensive … at the other end of the spectrum a simple solution may be implemented to avert what may be perceived as a temporary problem and



This week’s Issue | 03/08/2020 In many cases to implement effective change requires a burning platform.  In the case of Covid this burning platform has inspired many inspirations of innovation to protect consumers and fellow employees.  Since we are unsure about the longevity or sustainability of Covid defenses we need to be weary about innovative changes … simple changes done today could become Permanent Temporary Changes (PTFs) … so assessing innovation against Quality, Cost, Delivery and Safety should be mandatory. 


No Counting

This week’s Issue | 20/07/2020 In many cases Covid has thrown a wrench into Standardized Work … Tasks have been re-sequenced, tasks have been dropped and then new tasks have been added not to mention that many people have self-isolated which places you in very close and constant environment with those close to you.  So a bit of a departure this week hopefully by sharing a tip to maintain harmony … by not counting!!!  It is a very simple thought


PUSH or PULL Lean Implementation

This week’s Issue | 13/07/2020 You already have the Product, Service or Technology which forms the base of your company brand but now you have the unique opportunity to review, enhance or reset your processes and your Lean journey .. thanks to Covid … WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY !!!   Your people are now getting used to a constant change to their process and the formalization of tribal knowledge has been shaken … so it has never been a better time to


30 Inch View — you cannot LEAD by DOING !!

This week’s Issue | 06/07/2020 Living with Covid has meant traditional processes are being constantly modified then adjusted as everyone attempt to make life feel as normal as possible or at least how they remember normal … but in some cases these new process changes are actually wonderful new experiences that I personally hope will stay forever.  Hence this week I decided to write the content about be afraid that you do not succumb to the 30 inch view and


Cellular will work despite Covid-19

This week’s Issue | 22/06/2020 Work Breakdown analysis was the foundation that enabled Ford to create the assembly line … this destroyed the myth that batch work was best or “one person, one complete product” … Now with Covid and the non-negotiable factor of inconsistent employee attendance … the use of “Cellular Process” will be a powerful attribute to your operation.  Concerns about Physical Distancing are mute … since you can design the cell to operate in one of 2