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REALLY?… material movement is the next frontier?

This week’s Issue | 24/02/2020 Growing up as a teenager I remember asking my Dad if he was concerned about how my generation was exploring the use of drugs?  He quickly responded that the exploration of using mind alternating drugs have been around for generations they just had a different slant … after the second world war the drug of choice was opium and alcohol … so time s change but the challenges in essence remain the same … So am


Simple 5S+1 — a desktop exercise

This week’s Issue | 17/02/2020 Even messy people believe in organization … just ask my former accountant Bill Mitchell whose office was a true picture of Chaos and would not allow me in his office because according to him he knew where every file was located … but his invoices always arrived as past-due … so this week we take a look again at 5S … but this time form my lazy readers I have incorporated a simple homework assignment


Daily Rport-Outs

This week’s Issue | 10/02/2020 Throughout my career I must profess that I was an extremely lazy manager … especially when it applied to the tactile requirements of my position.  I have always followed the mantra of either 1) Lead 2) Follow or 3) Get out of the way … so my trifecta of process improvement tools always comprised of the following knowing that they would deliver an immediate 20-30% improvement even before I touched anything else … They are;  Daily



This week’s Issue | 03/02/2020 I believe that everyone either as individuals or part of an organization are constantly seeking to achieve the Perfect Process.  However that Perfect Process will look different depending on your profession or industry but still in your mind it needs to be that Perfect Process … so this week we explore that thought further.  If you wish to discuss or dialogue this topic further send us e-mails or telephone. I love this process to watch …



This week’s Issue | 27/01/2020 Fortunately the Resident Love Goddess and I get to travel extensively and interact with a lot of different organizations.  The most common discussion for the past year has been regarding people … how to find them, how to hire them and then retain them.  In nearly all of the areas we travel the common theme is that people availability is in very short supply … no we are not talking about skilled resources (which are


Leadership Traits

This week’s Issue | 20/01/2020 The success of any organization goes beyond your technology, product or service.  All of these attributes need to be fueled by employees and employees look for and need leadership.  Leaders that are willing to calculated risks and know the value they bring to the organization.  Many organizations do become hindered due to the lack of confidence they don’t see in themselves or fear to make a decision they know will help them and their company


Center of TRUTH

This week’s Issue | 13/01/2020 Old people are so knowledgeable … why?  They may not have the schooling but they have now absorbed many years of transferred knowledge and experience.  In many cases they have embraced a “ho-Hum” attitude wiling to share with those who want to listen and potentially learn or watch from the sidelines at the others whose pride, arrogance or disbelief allows them to struggle with attributes the old timers have already mastered and they laugh !!!  


BUSINESS EXCELLENCE is like renovations

This week’s Issue | 06/01/2020 Welcome to 2020 !!! This could be another turbulent year with the announcement of amplified unrest in the mid-east and the coming of a Presidential election later in the year.  But every year presents us with turbulence … it just looks different. Just like variables some of which can be uncontrollable the challenge is to convert them to controllable. Indeed you can traverse the turbulence as a … WHINER … demanding that outside sources salvage your operation COMPLAINER


Merry Christmas !!! 2019

This week’s Issue | 23/12/2019 T ’is the time of year for the Resident Love Goddess and I too wish you a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous entry to 2020 !!!  We hope that Santa will be kind to both you and your family this year by bringing smiles to your face.  If you are not quite sure if you made to the nice list and may be a bit concerned is Santa will find you, then be like us


LEAN the four letter word !!!

This week’s Issue | 16/12/2019 Learning is completed by using the following senses of visual, touch or orator …and the most effective training usually spans at least 2 of the senses or hopefully all.   For many LEAN becomes a 4 letter word since a change agent witnessed a LEAN methodology in action (visual) and thinks that it can easily be replicated with minimal effort or no external coaching … and then LEAN fails or under delivers on potential results.  Hence