You are Business because of YOUR Customer !!!

This week’s Issue | 14/10/2019

It is sad to think that simple manners are evaporating especially when it comes to e-mails.  Many personalized e-mails have been acknowledged with radio silence which is very sad instead of a quick .. not interested or I will get back to instead we are being ignored until most likely they need something and then demand immediate satisfaction.

I have an individual that stays in contact needing help but has no time … which translates into I ma making so much money I have no current need to improve … sad because we know that business is cyclable and it is better to invest when busy so you can reap the benefits when slow … or the company that is literally leaving millions of dollars on the table but has decided to invest in moving to a larger facility to propagate their bad habits within a larger foot-print and most like exponentially increase their internal stress of making money. Or how about the typical trap of viewing a methodology and feeling that due to the simplicity they can do it themselves and weeks later after diverting and losing internal resources they still struggle with the solution … instead of an invest and go attitude.

So this week I think it is important to reflect on how important a customer really is and how they look to you and your organization for a solution and your assistance for them to remain competitive.

Let us know if you need help with your journey or whether you ready to invest today to prepare for the future … which includes finding and implementing innovation to deflect the current labor shortage challenges.

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