BUSINESS EXCELLENCE is like renovations

This week’s Issue | 06/01/2020

Welcome to 2020 !!!

This could be another turbulent year with the announcement of amplified unrest in the mid-east and the coming of a Presidential election later in the year.  But every year presents us with turbulence … it just looks different. Just like variables some of which can be uncontrollable the challenge is to convert them to controllable.

Indeed you can traverse the turbulence as a …

  • WHINER … demanding that outside sources salvage your operation
  • COMPLAINER … do nothing but complain about others as your ship sinks


  • PROACTIVE ACHIEVER … seize the situation and implement opportunities of improvement to help you weather the storm.

This week we as you to look at your Business Excellence approach as if you are planning renovations to your home.  Sometimes you may decide to elect to use the services of an architect to convert your wishes and desires into an executable plan … maybe this is where we can help you … but read the newsletter to get started.

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