This week’s Issue | 06/04/2020


You likely recognize this question being asked by Dr. Max Goodwin on the show New Amsterdam as a Segway into crushing paradigms while helping his team to be more effective.  Like you my inbox is being inundated by Covid-19 updates and implemented counter-measures.  But, at the same time I am intrigued by the enthusiasm and dedication of people and companies wanting and doing to make a difference.  I am seeing a HUGE acknowledgment of front-line employees … the very people that normally keeps the gears of the economy humming … great that they are getting their moment of fame I just wish it was not in these circumstances.

SO … HOW CAN I HELP?  My message remains steadfast since before the Pandemic, During and very likely long after this crisis passes.  I wish every organization would embrace a formal methodology of Daily Report-Outs to bring Team Alignment, harvest, document and resolve team concerns … it is a very simple but powerful methodology that has a sustaining capability of improving culture.  Contact us on how to get started or help with facilitation … as my mantra continues … this is HOW WE CAN HELP !!!  Read more about how and why in this week’s newsletter …

I resonated with this TV advertisement of thanks produced by A&W … but thanks is not always enough as leaders we need to provide support.

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