CAPD — Check, Act, Plan, Do

This week’s Issue | 19/02/2018

I apologize that their has been a lapse to our regularly issued newsletter … but things have been a bit hectic.

 It has been an interesting start of the year … visiting some of our friends that have listened to us and followed our Lean Guidelines they all had banner years … which is great news since this happened while they were in transition.  While others still view implementation as an expense rather than an investment … so they will continue to lag and work extra hard to find process efficiency and profit. But Hey !!! we can only preach so much.

 One of the tenants we like to share is that you can never spend enough time in the Gemba … just standing in your circle and observing and observing.   Now I challenge those to mix up the Deming cycle a bit .. as outlined in this week’s newsletter.

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