Cellular will work despite Covid-19

This week’s Issue | 22/06/2020

Work Breakdown analysis was the foundation that enabled Ford to create the assembly line … this destroyed the myth that batch work was best or “one person, one complete product” … Now with Covid and the non-negotiable factor of inconsistent employee attendance … the use of “Cellular Process” will be a powerful attribute to your operation.  Concerns about Physical Distancing are mute … since you can design the cell to operate in one of 2 primary manners … 1) material is moved from station to station or … 2) people and material move from station to station.

Simple engineering will support Physical Distancing and the power of cells allows you to flex capacity to market need quickly.  And … the concern about tribal knowledge limiting productivity is eliminated since you have no room to accommodate tribal knowledge and in many cases visual connection is better than verbal connection to improve consistent quality and productivity.   Plus these methodologies work awesome in office and administrative processes …

A quick introduction to cellular is in this week’s newsletter … or contact us for design help  or process refinement.

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