When CONSISTENCEY OF PURPOSE is not good enough

This week’s Issue | 30/03/2020

A new definition of VALUE (what the customer is willing to pay for)  is going to be defined after we transition the Covid-19 curve and realize a new form of stability.  Currently costs are being ignored to protect all for potential infection of Covid-19 … and while this is happening new “muscle memory” is being created within humans about Physical Distancing.  The effect of this will be a contributor to defining a new normal … but ultimately it is all about PROCESS … and have you optimized your new process … it is not going to disappear completely.  So this week in the newsletter we explore process analysis …

Stay safe and keep washing your hands ….  Contact us if you think we can help you with process control or visual management.  This is also a great time to launch TPM if you do not already use this methodology.  Do the  inverse … select a TPM Station form our  Solutions Store and then contact us for virtual training and coaching.

In the interim ….

We can supply these floor signs to help you clearly identify where it is acceptable for people to stand in line and the appropriate distance is being maintained at all times. These resistant floor and wall signs will withstand foot traffic and elements such as spilled water or chemicals. With their low profile, they won’t present a tripping hazard.




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