Who is the CUSTOMER?

This week’s Issue | 18/05/2020

Every Organization is currently changing or adjusting their processes as a result of Covid-19 … which is both a reaction but also a great opportunity.  Being a process-weanie … I have now started to judge and rate these process changes to see who is the most compliant and most effective … while others are just applying a veneer approach thinking they are fooling the customer that they are protected.  Very similar to deployments of Lean Methodologies we have witnessed … good intentions but failure to think it through … Consistent is that all stores have a gate keeper which seems usually to be a new hire … with a failure to understand that this is your “Vice-President of First Impressions” … think about it … people are standing in a line waiting for access and this golden opportunity to enhance customer engagement is being ignored …

We have discussed pausing to develop your VOC (Voice of the Customer) .. so this week we re-printed a reminder of who the customer really is … and customers can make choices and now a new element of choice has been added to the equation …  Is yours a compliance addition or an opportunity of adding protection and dignity to your customer?

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