Daily Rport-Outs

This week’s Issue | 10/02/2020

Throughout my career I must profess that I was an extremely lazy manager … especially when it applied to the tactile requirements of my position.  I have always followed the mantra of either 1) Lead 2) Follow or 3) Get out of the way … so my trifecta of process improvement tools always comprised of the following knowing that they would deliver an immediate 20-30% improvement even before I touched anything else … They are;

  •  Daily Report-Out Methodology
  • Hourly Run Board
  • TPM — Total Productive Management

If I had to start our practice over I would most likely focus on these methodologies.  Like many other methodologies they seem like they can be easily copied but then you will miss the powerful subtleties that are the real attributes of delivery.  We have several clients in current phases of implementing it themselves and one I believe is on draft version 4 obtaining minimal results … soon however they seek to make the investment instead of incurring the ongoing expense.

Most think that these methodologies are typically limited to the manufacturing area … but WOW you will gain significantly more gain if applied in the office.  For example consider an Hourly Run Board in customer Service to track customer call or the number of orders entered … I guarantee you will identify opportunity.

A  friend in Australia shared the following link about the fires … he was close but thankfully not directly affected.  This documentary is long but very candid and definitely not verbally edited.  In spite of the danger the pictures are vivid and I am glad that I am in the position to “Watch” and not “Live” the environment.  The link will take you to the general site and then “click” Black Summer ….

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