Deming’s PDCA and Value Stream Mapping

This week’s Issue | 15/06/2020

One common thing as a result of Covid … is that everyone everywhere are changing their processes.  Changing existing processes is primarily due to averting a reoccurring problem and these changes are naturally done using “Job Skill and Experience” with inputs these days of regulatory guidance.  These are reactionary gestures and few pause to use or review with a rational process to determine value or the ultimate impact on cost. For example these days if you sell Lexan … it is better than winning a lottery and guess what no 2 sneeze shields are being designed the same … costs have sky-rocketed but the need has become a must if as a retailer you want to stay in business …

But crisis averted you need to take pause and reflect using a rational process to verify or modify your process changes.   A great tenant is to capture the “Voice of the Customer” using “Critical To” (CT) trees and then quickly mapping your new processes using Enterprise Value Stream Mapping (EVSM) and then validate your map (EVSM) against your VOC to insure that it is delivering the intended results and within your cost targets.

Most important is that every time you make a process change provides you with an opportunity to improve customer satisfaction while reducing costs and improving velocity … so pause, reflect, document and adjust …  This week some past tips but still pertinent on how to create your Value Stream Map ….

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