Developing a LEAN changeover program

This week’s Issue | 15/08/2016

We spent the week motoring through many work assignments which reminded us about the importance of planning our changeovers … hence it became the fodder for this week’s newsletter.

 A friend send me the following which made me laugh so much Mariela was worried why I was crying so just have to share to make your Sunday start with a laugh …

This guy is leaving a voicemail for his boss when he witnesses a minor traffic accident.

Not fake, it actually happened. In late February, several stations broadcast interviews with a man named Michael Childs, who said that he was the one who left the voicemail message, that the clip was genuine, and that the accident described took place in Athens, Texas , while he was working as a construction manager for Jack in the Box.

The visual picture this guy paints and his laugh are contagious. Laughing is so good for us.

This is guaranteed to give you a really good laugh.

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